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Holy Rosary Primary School, Sunnyside Crescent Belfast

P1 Mr McVeigh

Welcome to our P1 class page.


We are now in Term 2. In the first half of the term we explored our topic, which was 'Water'. 

It was so interesting learning all of the ways we use water in our every day lives.

We learned about life under the sea and in water. We also discovered that water changes state.

In the water tray we played with the arctic animals - they were frozen but melted in the water tray as we played!

We used the water tray to wash clothes and hung them out to dry, just like Mrs Wishy Washy!


Now in the second half of Term 2 our topic is 'Animals'.

We love playing in our role play area; Veterinary Clinic and and small world play play scenarios of the vet and the farm. We will learn about the animals in the zoo and we might even make a trip to visit one of these important places, later in the term.

We know how important it is to be kind to all animals and we know that it is important to stay safe around animals.



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Miss F Johnston
Miss F Johnston

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