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Holy Rosary Primary School, Sunnyside Crescent Belfast

Rights Ambassadors 2021-22

Welcome to the Rights Ambassadors' page.

In Holy Rosary Primary School we give our children many opportunities to make decisions that affect school life. Rights Ambassadors, Digital Leaders, Fairtrade Committee, Eco Team, Language Ambassadors and PATHS Playground Pals empower children to have their opinions heard and develop their talents and abilities.

In term 1, we took part in UNICEF’s World’s Largest Lesson to learn about the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Goal 6 (clean water and sanitation) was our school focus.

We also spoke out about children’s rights during UNICEF’s Outright Day where children’s mental health was the topic of discussion. The Rights Ambassadors have been taking part in mental health activities during our monthly meetings. They plan to present at the next assembly to talk about mental health and assign a whole school task.

We are very proud of our P4 - P7 Rights Ambassadors for all their hard work so far this year. 


13th Apr 2022
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31st Mar 2022
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31st Mar 2022
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Rights Ambassadors 2016-7

Welcome to the Rights Ambassadors page.

In Holy Rosary Primary School we give the children many opportunities to have their voices heard. School Council and Steering Group are just two examples of this. 

This year we are very lucky to have such an enthusiastic group of children from Primary 4 to Primary 7 who are responsible representatives of their class. 

The boys and girls have been very busy this year. This year the Rights Ambassadors:

  • Renewed our Canteen Charter agreements
  • Designed a vibrant new theme for the charter
  • Explained what their peers discussed during Class Council meetings each month
  • Chose winners for Key Stage 2 Line Up Challenge every break and lunch time
  • Created videos presenting the Article of the Month for the school website 
  • Investigated the CRC 3 I's and 2 U's. 

The Steering Group:

  • Completed a Pupil Focus Group
  • Prepared and delivered Outright assemblies for Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 
  • Ensured the language used at assemblies was differentiated to suit the age groups.
  • Wrote the school Mission Statement in child friendly language
  • Created an iMovie explaining the Mission Statement for the school website 
  • Chose winners for Key Stage 1 Line Up Challenge every break and lunch time
  • Updated the Board of Governors on all our rights work
  • Handed out and collected staff and pupil questionnaires 
  • Suggested which articles should be included in the school PDMU policy
  • Review schools policies in line with the CRC

Our Rights Ambassadors are:
Chair: Clare (P7) 
Vice Chair: Jason (P5) 
Secretary and Vice Secretary 
Treasurer and Vice Treasurer: Thomas (P6), Jack (P4) and Fiona (P6)
Collectors of P1, 2 and 3 class council minutes - Zuzanna (P7), Emma (P4) and Laasya (P6)
Holly (P5) updates the Article of the Month.

Our Steering Group are:
Oliver, Farah, Sebastian, Eabha, Ellie Rose, Lara, Finn, Beth, Niamh, Simon and Alyssa. You might recognise these children from School Counci last year! What a great bunch of rights experts!


The Rights Respecting School Council 2015-6

Welcome to the School Council’s page. We recently voted to change the name of our council to Rights Ambassadors. So, welcome to the Rights Ambassadors page!

Each Rights Ambassador has an important role:
Chair: Lara (P5) – I open and close the meeting, follow the agenda, help everyone to participate and encourage everyone to keep to the point.
Vice Chair: Declan (P7) - I hand out the agenda to council members and help the Chair make decisions. If the Chair is absent I take over her duties.
Secretary and Vice Secretary – Simon (P6) and Finn (P5) - We take notes during the meeting and record key points during our discussion.
Treasurer and Vice Treasurer: Deborah (P4) and Alyssa (P6) – We keep a record of money collected, carefully count money and sort into money bags.
Class Representatives: Oliver, Deborah and Sebastian (P4), Eabha, Ellie-Rose, Lara, Finn, Beth and Niamh (P5), Simon and Alyssa (P6), Dylan and Declan. (P7)

We meet once a month to feedback ideas that arise during monthly class council meetings. It is very important that we all keep an open mind, we give everyone time to speak, we listen to the opinions of others and we take part in discussions. Just as article 12 states, all children have the right to have their opinions heard and taken seriously.

We are preparing for a busy year as we work towards the Level 2 Rights Respecting Schools Award.
All children will become more familiar with the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) through our 'Right of the Month' school display. We will continue to develop our links with Koulla Yiasouma at NICCY and the School Council at St Paul's Primary School. The Rights Ambassadors will help prepare all children to speak out about their rights during UNICEF's Outright Day in November 2015.



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