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Holy Rosary Primary School, Sunnyside Crescent Belfast

Safer Schools NI App

9th Mar 2023

Safer Schools NI App

We are delighted to invite you to download the new Safer Schools NI App.

A letter will be sent to parents and carers with instructions and log in codes.  

Please watch the video below for more info.

How will the Safer Schools NI App help you? 

Provides you with easy-to-follow steps on how to make your home and devices safer in the ‘Need-to-Know' section. It’s a great place to start!   

Keeps you up to date with the current online trends, threats, and risks to your child. This information is sent directly to your device!  

Delivers the information you need to know on social media and gaming platforms, helping you understand the latest buzzwords and how to set privacy and parental settings on platforms like Among Us, Minecraft and TikTok.

Offers expert guidance to help you navigate important issues such as bullying, mental health and healthy relationships. Giving you practical tips on how to approach these conversations with your children.